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Tesla, Nikola. „The Effects of Statics on Electrical Transmission,“ Electrical Experimenter, Jan., 1919, pp. 627, 658. (Tells of defects in Hertz waves. System devised by Tesla releases energy at infinite velocity.*1)(Note: electrostatic potential is already known to be able to travel at infinite velocity*2 See Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd Edition, 1975, p.223. This is strong evidence that Tesla used scalar potential waves or f-fields.)

* Erzählt von Defekten in Hertz-Wellen. Von Tesla entwickeltes System setzt Energie mit unendlicher Geschwindigkeit frei

*Übersetzung: Es ist bereits bekannt, dass sich das elektrostatische Potential mit unendlicher Geschwindigkeit bewegen kann.

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58. „Persinger’s ‚Earthquake Lights‘ …Ho-Hum,“ Frontiers of Science, Vol. III, No. 3, March-April 1981, p. 1-5-16, Gives cogent and „fatal“ objections to Persinger’s „earthquake light“ scheme for explaining UFO’s. Mentions Dr. Brian Brady’s experiments obtaining fast, short electrical lights or sparks from crushing quartz-bearing granite cylinders. (Comment: Brady’s experiments are certainly repeatable, so it is true that „earthstress lights“ can be produced at a distance, although the piezoelectric effect alone in no way explains the production of the phenomena outside the piezoelectric crystal. The fact that UFO’s occurring near a fault zone are not necessarily repeatable simply means that at least one other major factor must be involved in the production of UFOs than is involved in the production of earthstress lights. UFOs may sometimes involve scalar interferometry from a fault zone, but other causative factors must also be involved. Earthstress lights, on the other hand, need have no additional causative factors than what lies in the earth itself.)

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